It’s the legendary Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid’s birthday today. 

This shuka (traditional cloth/fabric worn by the Maasai) became my safety blanket while being sick, while driving on scary/rough roads, and while having an emotional breakdown in the mountains. One day I wore it traditionally to fetch water and the women at the community water tank had a debate over whose brother/cousin/son I should marry.😐 (at Nairobi, Kenya)






I am so glad I pressed play

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My group member & class mate got his arms out and a cut off shirt on today. Looking greased up nipples peirced omg. Darkskin. Lordddttttm

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My group member & class mate got his arms out and a cut off shirt on today. Looking greased up nipples peirced omg. Darkskin. Lordddttttm

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When a friend is down, I would think your job is to keep them on their feet.

Or try. I’d get tired of someone complaining everyday too. But whats crazy is sometimes them just venting helps, or little advice, or little goals to see the end is near. 

I’d never refer to someones surroundings as putting them down makes them a  negative person. Everyone wants to be happy, maybe the least that can be done is talking to them every once in a while, as a friend, they actually can look forward to something.

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Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.
Thích Nhất Hạnh (via purplebuddhaproject)







1. Please introduce yourself and state what part of Africa you are from? 
Im Leonardo Immanuel Taiwo - from Nigeria 
2. Have you ever been to Nigeria before and if not, would you love to go? 
I have, i lived there for a few years when i was young.  
3. What is your favorite thing about the Nigerian culture?
Fav thing would be the food & Music. Nothing beats a plate of pounded yam n stew full of meat. 
4. How would you say the Nigerian culture is different from other cultures?
In some yeah i guess - its a very cultural & disciplined nation. 
5. We noticed your modeling photos; at what age did you start modeling?
I been modelling since early 014 but signed with my first major agency in November 
6. What do you love most about modeling?
The people you meet, the countries you can possibly go and how much money you could possibly make 
7. What is one thing that you may dislike about modeling?
I would say the Inconsistency of it (thats unless your a Supermodel of course)  - the fact that you HAVE to be patient. I m a very “want it now” sort of guy. 
8.  If you were not a model, what other profession would you have been doing instead? 
I would probably be a Actor or a personal trainer. 
9. What advice would you give to our followers who may be interested in modeling?
My advice would be to dream big, as big as you can. And always remember who you were  before you achieved anything. It l be hard but you have to stay humble. 
10. How would you describe your style?
Lol my style? thats a good question. I think i m still trying to discover that. Ask me in a years time 
11. Who are your inspirations?
My best friends peter, Josh - tunde and Stephano and my older brother 
12. Tell us five interesting facts about yourself?
Erm - i skateboard -  i prefer listening than talking. i have a tattoo of my middle name and what it means on my left hand - but usually too dark for any one to notice. I love cheese cake. And My fav radio station is Soulection radio 
13. Who is your celebrity crush?
Gabriel union & Megan Goods.
14. Our followers adore you very much, anything you want to say to them?
Thank you so much for acknowledgement and admiration. You guys have no idea the impact it has. I m so grateful. Thank you
15. How would you describe your dream girl?
 Smart , classy, a dreamer and natural. 
16. If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?
I d be nightcrawler from xmen and teleport where i ever i think to be.  
17. Where can our followers get more information about you, such as your social networking sites?
Instagram - facebook an tumblr. I l be sure to create a twitter page in a few weeks - i think its is about time x.  
18. Thanks again for the interview and we wish you much success!!
Thank you :D


is so fine.

Very Honoured & Grateful.


Sir, Im your dream girl smart, dreamer and natural ITS ME U R LOOKING FOR. Classy, um not so much, only because Im so openminded. And that includes talking about a lot of things. No really. Come love me, I wanna love you. Okay enough of my thirst *Adjusts shirt* okay *reblogs*

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